Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day is always special to me, because I was born on that holiday back in 1971, and there might have a TV on in the hospital watching Jerry Lewis and his annual TV telethon when I checked in at 8:13 the morning of September 6th of that year.

I watched a documentary about the 1989 telethon on Sunday night. (If interested, you might want to watch it yourself before it gets taken down for one reason or another.) Lewis, who was then 63, is shown in his element, practicing over several days for the 21 1/2 hour television marathon he would appear in starting on the eve of Labor Day into the holiday itself.  Worth a look if you have the time.

Back in 2010, Labor Day again fell on September 6th. One of my friends on Facebook was encouraging people to donate to MDA, and I gave $15 to Jerry’s Kids for the first time in my life. As many of you know, it was Jerry’s swan song doing the telethon, as he was unceremoniously dumped in favor of a younger array of hosts and a shorter show when the telethon returned to the airwaves in 2011.

I have never given money to MDA ever since. If they could do that to a man who was there for them year after year for decades, what would (or could) they do with all that money they receive in donations each year?


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