Hits And Errors

80's Day at Tropicana Field, September 6, 2014.
80’s Day at Tropicana Field, so first baseman James Loney is all glammed up, September 6, 2014.

The ballgame turned out to be a wonderful time, as the Tampa Bay Rays turned back those evil Orioles from Baltimore, 3-2.

But I have to tell you one story from that day that quite frankly was embarrassing to me. So in the age of the Internet, why not share?

We (me and my mother) had tickets to section 101, which is right behind home plate about 25 rows up, and right before the game starts, she tells me that she thinks we are in the wrong section since we got to what we thought was our seats around 11:20. At first, I don’t believe her, for a couple of reasons that proved to be wrong. A few minutes later, I tell her I could be incorrect, but we’d wait for more information to come in before moving.

Sure enough, the usher comes over and says we’re in the wrong section. Naturally, I ask the user that if I’m wrong, which section is section 101?

He points to his left, one section over. The section we were in was 103, not 101. Meanwhile, once we get over to our proper section, she’s shaking her head at me, mortified, as if I’m an idiot. On this particular day, I resembled the remark. But I get off a good line.

“Hey, I’m allowed to make one mistake on my birthday.”

I reviewed Tropicana Field on Yelp as well. Look for Tropicana Field, September 6th, 2014.

Haven’t gotten around to the birthday trip to Zom Hee yet, but I should sometime during the week.


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