Whatever Happened To The NFL?

Maybe it took a longer period of time then I realize, but it feels like the NFL and its image has been destroyed almost overnight by star players with shoddy reputations, and some incompetent management.

I’m sure most of you know the Ray Rice story by now, and a new story has emerged about Adrian Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings and how he whipped his 11 year old son with a switch, which has been deemed to be child abuse by authorities in Texas.

Personally, I wonder if the NFL will recover from the incompetence from their decision making in the whole Ray Rice affair, and how Roger Goodell, the current commissioner of the league, will be viewed as credible ever again. As one article I read during the week pointed out, it’s almost as if the league went of out it’s way to tell women all over the country that we (the NFL) don’t give a (insert the profane word of your choice) about you.

I guess there’s always baseball…


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