Give Scotland Back To The Scots

Scotland wants to be its own independent nation...why the heck not?

Scotland wants to be its own independent nation…why the heck not?

One of my biggest problems with politics is it always seems to be a battle between a group of people that want to hang on to outdated ideas and a group of people who want to give new ideas a try. If you’re for what’s new, you’re generally a liberal. But if you think old ideas should be retained, you’re a conservative. It is just too easy to paint people who can think freely for themselves with broad brushes. Not everybody can fit into one “jar” or the other on a given issue.

This seems to be true not only in our country, but in other parts of the world. A prime example of that presently is the Scottish independence movement. This move frightens the English so much that their prime minister, David Cameron, has been on the verge of tears a couple of times, wanting to keep his United Kingdom together.

I say: what’s the harm? If the UK can give Ireland back to the Irish, why not give Scotland back to the Scots? And if the Welsh want Wales back, why the hell not? Ditto if Northern Ireland wants to join Ireland, or at least be its own independent nation as well.

Just a thought.


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