The Captain

In my life, I’ve never been a Yankees fan. I was a Cubs fan, a Mets fan, a Braves fan, a Mets fan again, and then a Rays fan (although the Dodgers are my favorite NL team these days).

Will the sports world (particularly baseball) ever see the likes of a Derek Sanderson Jeter again? Got to admit, I always liked this guy’s drive, and the fact that he’s been so loyal to the Yankees, the team that drafted him, the team he will retire with.

In this era of sports that seems to be more and more jaded, where athletes aren’t judged by their statistics, but by how often they wind up on TMZ and the tabloids, Jeter is a refreshing change of pace. A guy who did things the right way and had his fair share of great moments, leading the Yankees to five world championships.

He’s a refreshing change of pace, considering the level of attitude and entitlement seen these days in other sports, especially the beleaguered NFL. Even though he’s a Yankee, I think I’ll miss him when he hangs up the cleats in a week or so.


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