Keith Olbermann on Ray Rice, Redux

I could have sworn we were just here a little over a month ago, but new evidence has come to light that made all parties concerned look all the more stupid.


Hits And Errors

80's Day at Tropicana Field, September 6, 2014.
80’s Day at Tropicana Field, so first baseman James Loney is all glammed up, September 6, 2014.

The ballgame turned out to be a wonderful time, as the Tampa Bay Rays turned back those evil Orioles from Baltimore, 3-2.

But I have to tell you one story from that day that quite frankly was embarrassing to me. So in the age of the Internet, why not share?

We (me and my mother) had tickets to section 101, which is right behind home plate about 25 rows up, and right before the game starts, she tells me that she thinks we are in the wrong section since we got to what we thought was our seats around 11:20. At first, I don’t believe her, for a couple of reasons that proved to be wrong. A few minutes later, I tell her I could be incorrect, but we’d wait for more information to come in before moving.

Sure enough, the usher comes over and says we’re in the wrong section. Naturally, I ask the user that if I’m wrong, which section is section 101?

He points to his left, one section over. The section we were in was 103, not 101. Meanwhile, once we get over to our proper section, she’s shaking her head at me, mortified, as if I’m an idiot. On this particular day, I resembled the remark. But I get off a good line.

“Hey, I’m allowed to make one mistake on my birthday.”

I reviewed Tropicana Field on Yelp as well. Look for Tropicana Field, September 6th, 2014.

Haven’t gotten around to the birthday trip to Zom Hee yet, but I should sometime during the week.

Year 44 Begins Now

Today starts my 44th year of life, as I celebrate turning 43 today. Got a Rays-Orioles game to go to later (airing on FOX in some parts of the country), plus my annual pilgrimage to Zom Hee’s over in Seminole on Sunday, where I’ve been going on (or this year, around) my birthday since I turned 35 in 2006.

How do I feel about getting older? Actually, I don’t feel all that much. I’m not one of those people who whines about it. It’s just a damned number, and there’s nothing I can do about it. My mind is still as sharp as it used to be, my body is aging on me a little bit with some parts showing their age. But I’m fine with it.

Do I wish I could do more with my life? Yes. But I think most of us feel that way on some level. I’m just hoping a year from now to be in a better place, something broadly defined enough I hope to be successful when I’m blogging about a birthday on September 6, 2015.

Until then, I’ll try to keep having fun, as I define it.

Flashback Friday: “Poor Man’s Son” by Survivor

Earlier in the year, I had posted the classic hit “Eye Of The Tiger” by Survivor.

Word broke this weekend past that the lead singer of Survivor, Jimi Jamison, died at 63 of a heart attack.

In his honor, I thought I’d spin Survivor’s first top-40 hit from 1981.  Rest in peace and thanks for the memories, Jimi.

The 16th Street Substation

It happened again last night. It happened when I went to a Rays game last year.

Part of the lighting went out at Tropicana Field as the Rays played Toronto, causing a half and hour delay. Some fans even reported that lightning may have hit the indoor baseball facility, causing a bank of lights to go out.

We’re the only dome to my knowledge where the weather outside seems to have an effect on what’s supposed to be a weather-free facility.

The culprit always seems to be a power station called the 16th Street substation, not too far from the dome known as the Trop in St. Petersburg.

Since this always seems to happen, might the powers that be in town want to get this problem fixed somehow sometime this century? Just a thought.


Privacy For One And All

Some genius decided it was a good idea to hack into the smartphones of some prominent actresses and female athletes, with the dirt delivered over Labor Day weekend. The biggest names seemed to be actress Jennifer Lawrence of “Hunger Games” fame, Kate Upton, and Hope Solo, goalkeeper of the US women’s soccer team.

Yes, the privacy of these people of prominence were invaded. It should not have happened, and the idiot who did the hacking should be made an example of to the fullest extent of the law.

But let me just throw this out there: it may not be too smart to take pictures of yourselves on a device that connects to the Internet.

I just thought I’d say that. Carry on.

Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day is always special to me, because I was born on that holiday back in 1971, and there might have a TV on in the hospital watching Jerry Lewis and his annual TV telethon when I checked in at 8:13 the morning of September 6th of that year.

I watched a documentary about the 1989 telethon on Sunday night. (If interested, you might want to watch it yourself before it gets taken down for one reason or another.) Lewis, who was then 63, is shown in his element, practicing over several days for the 21 1/2 hour television marathon he would appear in starting on the eve of Labor Day into the holiday itself.  Worth a look if you have the time.

Back in 2010, Labor Day again fell on September 6th. One of my friends on Facebook was encouraging people to donate to MDA, and I gave $15 to Jerry’s Kids for the first time in my life. As many of you know, it was Jerry’s swan song doing the telethon, as he was unceremoniously dumped in favor of a younger array of hosts and a shorter show when the telethon returned to the airwaves in 2011.

I have never given money to MDA ever since. If they could do that to a man who was there for them year after year for decades, what would (or could) they do with all that money they receive in donations each year?