The Expanding Televised Sporting Universe

Being a sports fan in the year 2014 is both a blessing and a curse.

With so many channels specialized for sports these days, it’s quite possible a cable system might not carry all of these channels. For example, I don’t get the MLB Network or Fox Sports One, but I do have MLB.TV (which I got in September for a steal at $9.95, it’s kind of a Netflix of baseball games) to watch the baseball playoffs on a delayed basis for the games that air on those channels. I can also listen to those games live on the radio.

But I miss the days where everything was live and on common TV outlets you could actually see. If you want to watch a game these days, you have to figure out whether or not your cable system gets a specific cable channel.

Quick, what’s on the SEC Network?

Did you catch that on Fox Sports Two?!?

It just smells of a cabal by cable outlets and stations to get you to get you to expand your cable coverage so they can get a little deeper into your pocket, and it’s always about the dollars, isn’t it?

With technology advancing as it has the past few years, I wouldn’t be shocked if something Internet related comes along that bypasses all of this cable expansion somehow, so I think I’ll just wait around for a bit.  What expands must contract, sooner or later.

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