Only In Florida

Gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist is ready to debate, but where's the governor of Florida?

Gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist is ready to debate, but where’s the governor of Florida?

I didn’t watch last night’s governors debate between former governor Charlie Crist and the present governor, Rick Scott. But by now, I bet you have heard what happened.

First, a little background for those of you outside of Florida.

Crist and Scott used to each be Republicans, but Crist left the GOP a couple of years ago and campaigned for President Obama in 2012, and the GOP seemed happy to be rid of him. There were rumors of Mr. Crist being gay and a lover of alcoholic beverages (not necessarily in that order), but nothing was ever proven to be substantial.

As for Rick Scott, he was so bad as the owner over at the HCA hospital chain (buying up Largo Medical Center a few years back, where my mom used to work) he became the governor of Florida. The GOP loves their crooks, don’t they? My theory as to why that is is because said individuals (such as Herr Scott) are figureheads really, controlled by the middle men pulling their strings. Would George W. Bush have been successful without Karl Rove?

Fast forward to last night, and Ricky’s little tantrum. The Scott camp alleged Crist had committed the heresy of keeping a small fan under his podium, so Ricky Boy threw a hissy fit, refusing to debate the former governor for a good seven minutes.

It was the first time I had ever seen a candidate lose a debate before the debate ever began. I also hope it costs him the election! I did my part, voting for Mr. Crist, thanks to early balloting by mail.

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