Who Minds The Store?

I have to admit I was most disappointed when President Obama appointed Ron Klain as the “czar of Ebola” on Friday past.

I try to keep things apolitical on this blog, mainly because when push ever comes to shove in this era of America, the major parties collude against the wishes and best interests of the American people. “Obamacare” and its implementation was an example of this, as it marked a major Republican-like move by Democrats to screw the people out of their money and line the pockets of healthcare and insurance companies with it. The Republicans, when the time comes at some point in the future, will keep Obamacare in place. Mark my words on that.

Now, they put a bureaucrat in charge of a mainly medical problem.

Would I go to the Dalai Lama to help me bowl better?

Would I go to a football coach to learn to paint?

Putting a bureaucrat in charge of Ebola makes as much sense. Seems to be an asinine move, unless the disease is farther along than what’s publicly being discussed.

If Ebola goes airborne, will this government tell you?

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