London Or Las Vegas?

I watched the first ever NFL regular-season game played in the morning (US time), as Detroit rallied back from 21-0 down to nip Atlanta’s Falcons, 22-21.

I often wondered, when I was a bit younger, what would happen first: would Bob Barker retire from “The Price Is Right” before Jerry Lewis stopped doing the Labor Day telethons, or vice versa? In 2007, the answer became clear: Barker retired, and Drew Carey took his place.

Now a days, I have a similar hypothetical question not designed to be answered anytime soon: who gets an NFL, MLB, NBA, or NHL franchise first, London or Las Vegas? The answer is bound to come soon, as the games at Wembley Stadium draw quite a following no matter who plays. Meanwhile, Las Vegas seems close to getting a team in the NBA, NHL, and MLB (and not particularly the NFL), but they have that pesky obstacle about sports betting in Nevada that is likely no longer a hurdle in New Jersey.

Pretty sure we’ll get an answer in the next 10 years or so for sure.


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