Democrats For Rick Scott

Governor Rick Scott holding a press conference...wait, that's Marvin the Martian!

Governor Rick Scott holding a press conference…wait, that’s Marvin the Martian!

Last Tuesday was election day, and as was the case with the special election back in March, the Democrats whipped up efforts to get people to vote by calling people up and cracking the whip.

I wind up getting a call from the Charlie Crist people from their headquarters in St. Petersburg. Crist was the Democratic candidate for governor here in the state of Florida, a former Republican governor who has “seen the light” and joined the so-called good guys. They asked for my vote.

“Sorry, I voted for Rick Scott. Thank you.” I then hung up, not giving the young man at the other end of the phone a shot at a rebuttal.

While I did indeed vote for Mr. Crist, I thought, why give a politician the satisfaction? They play games with the public, they think we’re stupid, so why not use that expectation of stupidity back at them?

It turns out that Crist, the slight favorite before the votes were counted, wound up losing by about 75,000 votes to the underdog Scott. True, we’ll get four more years of an unpopular governor, but Crist was no choir boy himself in his reign in Tallahassee. The state’s electorate had no other feasible option but to chose the devil they knew as opposed to a devil that was singing a new tune.


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