In Thy Image

"Just because you have their attention doesn't mean you have their respect."  Dale Gribble, "King Of The Hill"

“Just because you have their attention doesn’t mean you have their respect.” Dale Gribble, “King Of The Hill”

One of my friends on Facebook that I went to school with suggests that I should apply to be on the game show “Sports Jeopardy” hosted by Dan Patrick.

Respectfully: no, no, and a thousand times no. Why?

I’m grateful that people think I know a lot about sports, and I’m thankful God gave me the brain to retain the information. But I never felt the need to compete against others in doing so, even if it was for fortune and fame. Besides, being good at something like that is an objective thing, depending on the type of game played and the opposition one faces.

People who go on game shows, and reality shows for that matter, seek two things: money and personal validation. Everyone can use money, sure, but I don’t need the validation, or someone to exploit me either. I exist. I breathe. I live, and one day I will die, as we all will eventually. I’d rather put my energies into something a little more important than who won the 1961 World Series.

Yes, I know the answer to that.

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