Ferguson Redux

Back in August, I wrote a blog entry about the events in Ferguson, Missouri at that time.

Last night, the officer who shot Michael Brown (albeit many times) was found to have “no true bill” by the local grand jury. In other words, he will not stand trial on the local judicial level. Make no mistake that Darren Wilson’s life will never be the same again even though he has been found innocent, and hopefully when all is said and done he can get on with his life.

As many predicted, things did indeed get ugly last night in the aftermath. Stores and businesses looted, some even burned down to the ground. Reporters feverishly reporting sounds of gunfire and the inhalation of tear gas throughout the night on the cable news outlets. Appeals for calm ignored, even those made by our President.

What I fail to understand, although recent American history of the past 50 years provides numerous examples of this, is why does a certain element of society wants to destroy the very infrastructure they themselves are apart of?

Change in a civilized society takes time. It also means taking the time to go to the ballot box when there are elections. Despite what con men like Al Sharpton say (look up Tawana Brawley if you’re younger than I am), there are no shortcuts on the road to reform. Go vote, go educate yourselves, learn the rules of the political process. If you have the means, run for office and make change happen yourselves. Rioting solves nothing!

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