Roar Of A Dinosaur

I got a nice letter today from our local company, reminding me to set a time and date so that the cable can be upgraded, and that I can get 300 some odd channels as opposed to the 70 or so I get now.

Friends that I know who work at Bright House Cable aside, I’m not really impressed with the local cable company, who have taken away channel after channel from the basic package over the last decade or so as a lure to get consumers tied down to their shiny new cable boxes with all the goodies included therein.

Why would the cable system want to give back what they’ve taken without giving the public any notice thereof?  Follow the money, people.

I’m very tempted to fight the cable company to the end on this. I have Netflix, and as long as I have Netflix, those 300 or so channels can go unwatched by me.

What can they do, force me to take the box?  Cuck Fable.


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