Another Work Found!

Another show that I ran the board on has been found. Actually, I was probably manning the phones for this show.

It’s December 6th, 1995. The sun set on the Sun Radio Network a few weeks prior to this, so Radio Free America needed a new home to base their operations, so Tom offered me and another producer, Ron Michaels, a chance to stay off the unemployment line, and so for $300 a week we did 15 hours worth work, plus we dubbed RFA tapes at our homes. The cassettes were a selling point for the show in the era prior to the Internet, and SRN headquartered a dubbing operation on top of producing radio shows around the clock.

WBDN, the station that was originally WEND and had moved over to Brandon when it split off of SRN when the network moved to St. Pete in 1992, had by this time moved back west over to the Feather Sound area in Clearwater to the same building Sonny Bloch’s Independent Broadcasters Network once was based from.  From November 1995 on to some point in 1996 (after I had moved to Marietta, Georgia), WBDN was the flagship station for Radio Free America, and had a handful of stations across the country for our weekday 10pm to midnight Eastern time show under the Valentine Communications banner.

actor John Quade...

actor John Quade…

The guest is John Quade, probably best known in his acting roles for his role as Cholla, a Black Widow biker gang leader in “Every Which Way But Loose” and its subsequent sequel, “Any Which Way You Can” made in the late 70’s and early 80’s. Clint Eastwood plays Philo Beddoe, an aging bare-knuckle Southern California fighter who travels looking for the big fight and big money with his orangutan Clyde. Quade was quite a fighter against the New World Order and a believer in jural societies and was quite intelligent in his presentation, a good guest.

At about 18:50 (and again at 25:30), you hear my voice prompting for phone calls, which was pretty neat to listen to all these years later!  Thanks to Eustace Mullins (himself a rather prominent populist writer) for preserving this.

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