Bubba To Beasley, And Why It Won’t Work

WHFS, 98.7 The Fan, is no more, effective today, ending what was Tampa Bay’s first FM sports radio station after almost two years on the air.

What happened?

Beasley Broadcasting and CBS Radio swapped radio stations in an agreement made a few months ago. Beasley acquired six radio stations in Tampa, six in Charlotte, and one in Philadelphia. In turn, CBS gets two Philly stations plus three in Miami, including WQAM.

There are strong rumors that Bubba Clem will be the morning drive host of one of the Tampa stations, most likely either 98.7 or 104.7, the current Q-105.

I’ve been out of the radio game for a while, but I will make a bold prediction that Bubba flops on his new station, whichever one it winds up being. I base this on past history Beasley has, and is not an indictment on Bubba Clem in any way, shape, or form.

Remember that back in 2009 that when Neil Rogers was still on WQAM in Miami, then still a Beasley station, they fired him because he accidentally said “f***” on the air, thinking the station had a dump button (that removes obscenities from the air by temporarily releasing a seven-second delay and allowing it to rebuild) which wasn’t working at that time. The station took the bizarre action to suspend Neil for his loose lips, a non-functioning dump button be damned, with Rogers eventually fired a few weeks later.

I admit that someone like Rogers didn’t fit well in an all-sports format like WQAM had. However, if a Beasley station could scapegoat a Miami area legend, I’d imagine they’d keep Bubba on a tight leash, and I personally think that’s a disaster waiting to happen. Hope I’m wrong about this, just the way I see it.

As for WHFS, my sympathies for those who lost their jobs so close to Christmas, but that’s the radio business. What works in New York doesn’t necessarily work in Tampa Bay, as I learned when I worked at WHNZ, which mimicked the New York 1010 WINS format as did stations in Miami or Orlando did at the time.

Then again, it’s possible I don’t know what the hell I’m talking about.

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