Mortal Error


A few months ago, I watched a documentary on Netflix called JFK: The Smoking Gun. It interested me so much that I just finished reading the book the documentary was based on, Mortal Error. (Kindle Unlimited is well worth the $10 a month it charges.)

I hear what most of you are thinking: another JFK conspiracy book. Well, kind of and sort of. This book tells the story of Howard Donahue, a marksman and gun expert who does his own ballistics research on the assassination that has baffled America for a half-century.

His theory is that the Secret Service accidentally killed JFK when Lee Harvey Oswald fired his shots from the Texas School Book Depository with an AR-15 rifle, and that the weapon was fired when the vehicle a Secret Service man suddenly jolted to speed away from the scene when the Oswald shots were fired.

I’ve never heard that particular theory before (and it is just another theory), so it did peak my interest. I don’t think we’ll ever get to the bottom of who actually killed President Kennedy, at least in my lifetime.


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