Flashback Friday, Christmas Edition: “Wreck The Malls” by the Bob Rivers Comedy Corp

Three down, one more of these Christmas Fridays to go…

Football Flashback

Thought I’d show you this clip I discovered on YouTube recently.

In 2007, my alma mater of Largo High (in the blue uniforms) played perhaps the biggest game they’ve ever played against St. Thomas Aquinas, the biggest private school in Florida, if not the entire southeast.

Leonard Johnson, the Largo quarterback, is now a defensive back for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The game started well for the hometown Packers, but as I watched this game back in 2007, you could see the visiting team from Ft. Lauderdale improving as the game wore on.

Drew Fellios and Jeff Carlson called the game for “Catch 47” locally, the forerunner of what is BHSN, the Central Florida 24/7 local sports cable station.

Mortal Error


A few months ago, I watched a documentary on Netflix called JFK: The Smoking Gun. It interested me so much that I just finished reading the book the documentary was based on, Mortal Error. (Kindle Unlimited is well worth the $10 a month it charges.)

I hear what most of you are thinking: another JFK conspiracy book. Well, kind of and sort of. This book tells the story of Howard Donahue, a marksman and gun expert who does his own ballistics research on the assassination that has baffled America for a half-century.

His theory is that the Secret Service accidentally killed JFK when Lee Harvey Oswald fired his shots from the Texas School Book Depository with an AR-15 rifle, and that the weapon was fired when the vehicle a Secret Service man suddenly jolted to speed away from the scene when the Oswald shots were fired.

I’ve never heard that particular theory before (and it is just another theory), so it did peak my interest. I don’t think we’ll ever get to the bottom of who actually killed President Kennedy, at least in my lifetime.

I Can’t Breathe

A recent NY Daily News cover...
A recent NY Daily News cover..

After the death of Michael Brown in St. Louis, the death of Eric Garner in Staten Island and the lack of a grand jury able to recommend a trial has outraged the country.

I don’t know if this is a turning point for police/citizen relations in this country. Nor do I know if this was something based solely on racial biases. I was not a fan of Mike Brown’s family and the stepfather’s incitement to riot, telling the Ferguson crowd to burn this b***h down, the b***h being the town of Ferguson.

But I do have two words of importance.

Al Pacino in the role of Frank Serpico.
Al Pacino in the role of Frank Serpico.

Remember Serpico.  Frank Serpico, to be precise.

Many years ago, Mr. Serpico was in a lone wolf in the face of widespread NYPD corruption and graft. Nearly lost his life when his fellow officers put him in danger during a drug bust in the early 70’s.

Maybe the Garner choke-out is a case of everything that was once old being new again? Maybe Garner didn’t want to be shaken down. It certainly would explain why the EMT’s would say Garner was breathing (thus no need for any attempt at CPR) when he said over and over that he couldn’t.

I don’t know how much more of this our country can take. Police and the citizenry have to work hand and hand. When you don’t have that, you don’t have balance that’s necessary for law and order.

Bubba To Beasley, And Why It Won’t Work

WHFS, 98.7 The Fan, is no more, effective today, ending what was Tampa Bay’s first FM sports radio station after almost two years on the air.

What happened?

Beasley Broadcasting and CBS Radio swapped radio stations in an agreement made a few months ago. Beasley acquired six radio stations in Tampa, six in Charlotte, and one in Philadelphia. In turn, CBS gets two Philly stations plus three in Miami, including WQAM.

There are strong rumors that Bubba Clem will be the morning drive host of one of the Tampa stations, most likely either 98.7 or 104.7, the current Q-105.

I’ve been out of the radio game for a while, but I will make a bold prediction that Bubba flops on his new station, whichever one it winds up being. I base this on past history Beasley has, and is not an indictment on Bubba Clem in any way, shape, or form.

Remember that back in 2009 that when Neil Rogers was still on WQAM in Miami, then still a Beasley station, they fired him because he accidentally said “f***” on the air, thinking the station had a dump button (that removes obscenities from the air by temporarily releasing a seven-second delay and allowing it to rebuild) which wasn’t working at that time. The station took the bizarre action to suspend Neil for his loose lips, a non-functioning dump button be damned, with Rogers eventually fired a few weeks later.

I admit that someone like Rogers didn’t fit well in an all-sports format like WQAM had. However, if a Beasley station could scapegoat a Miami area legend, I’d imagine they’d keep Bubba on a tight leash, and I personally think that’s a disaster waiting to happen. Hope I’m wrong about this, just the way I see it.

As for WHFS, my sympathies for those who lost their jobs so close to Christmas, but that’s the radio business. What works in New York doesn’t necessarily work in Tampa Bay, as I learned when I worked at WHNZ, which mimicked the New York 1010 WINS format as did stations in Miami or Orlando did at the time.

Then again, it’s possible I don’t know what the hell I’m talking about.

Another Work Found!

Another show that I ran the board on has been found. Actually, I was probably manning the phones for this show.

It’s December 6th, 1995. The sun set on the Sun Radio Network a few weeks prior to this, so Radio Free America needed a new home to base their operations, so Tom offered me and another producer, Ron Michaels, a chance to stay off the unemployment line, and so for $300 a week we did 15 hours worth work, plus we dubbed RFA tapes at our homes. The cassettes were a selling point for the show in the era prior to the Internet, and SRN headquartered a dubbing operation on top of producing radio shows around the clock.

WBDN, the station that was originally WEND and had moved over to Brandon when it split off of SRN when the network moved to St. Pete in 1992, had by this time moved back west over to the Feather Sound area in Clearwater to the same building Sonny Bloch’s Independent Broadcasters Network once was based from.  From November 1995 on to some point in 1996 (after I had moved to Marietta, Georgia), WBDN was the flagship station for Radio Free America, and had a handful of stations across the country for our weekday 10pm to midnight Eastern time show under the Valentine Communications banner.

actor John Quade...
actor John Quade…

The guest is John Quade, probably best known in his acting roles for his role as Cholla, a Black Widow biker gang leader in “Every Which Way But Loose” and its subsequent sequel, “Any Which Way You Can” made in the late 70’s and early 80’s. Clint Eastwood plays Philo Beddoe, an aging bare-knuckle Southern California fighter who travels looking for the big fight and big money with his orangutan Clyde. Quade was quite a fighter against the New World Order and a believer in jural societies and was quite intelligent in his presentation, a good guest.

At about 18:50 (and again at 25:30), you hear my voice prompting for phone calls, which was pretty neat to listen to all these years later!  Thanks to Eustace Mullins (himself a rather prominent populist writer) for preserving this.