Pigskin Musings

Tonight is the big College Football Playoff championship between Ohio State and Oregon.  Oddly enough, these two teams play in the first ever NCAA basketball championship back in 1939.  A quick look at Pregame.com suggests Oregon as anywhere from a 6 to 7 point favorite, which sounds to me to be accurate odds.  I think Oregon wins 31-21, though I expect there to be plenty of nerves and rust in the early going.

Just a thought on that Packers/Cowboys game that went the Packers way, 26-21 on a controversial call late in the game that would have given Dallas the go-ahead score with about four minutes to go.  I’ve long given up the logic in trying to explain NFL rules, but how can a ground not cause a fumble, but yet it can cause a completed pass to be ruled incomplete?

(Then again, the Lions-Cowboys game had a controversial call also.  I’ve never seen a pass interference call waived off before, and I’ve been watching NFL games since Super Bowl XII in 1978.)

I think Dez Bryant is looking for that kind of explanation in the aftermath of that game at Lambeau Field.  Since they were my Super Bowl pick from the NFC, I wouldn’t mind one either.


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