Exchanging Liberty For Security

Words to remember with terrorism nigh...
Words to remember with terrorism nigh…

I couldn’t help but notice on CNN yesterday that airport security is being ramped up in the wake of the latest attacks in Paris that killed 17 people in three separate incidents last week.

This continues the trend that has developed in this country since 9/11: when terrorists attack, the people who had nothing to do with the attacks are not only terrorized by the attacks psychologically but also lose their freedoms in the process.  A two for one special.

This is why conspiracy theorists are believers in the Hegelian Dialectic, where they believe that world leaders who react and solve problems are so eager to do so because they create the problems to begin with.  Thus they believe that the (insert your major event of choice here) was inside job and that those who do the harm in (insert your major event of choice here) are actually some form of governmental puppets.

No, I don’t know what our government should do other than tighten security.  I just point out that this is always the first solution: inspect those who are clearly not terrorists.  Might want to think about changing the script a little bit, gang.


Author: tbpauly

Former radio professional (1989-1996), currently residing in Pinellas Park, FL. Blogging since 2004, at least.

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