Joe Paterno, the former PSU head coach.

I found myself yesterday doing something I don’t ordinarily do on a regular basis: disagreeing with Keith Olbermann.

The topic was whether or not wins should be restored to Paterno’s record, once again giving him 409 wins to lead all NCAA coaches on its biggest level.  Olbermann thought it was another slap in the face to the victims of Jerry Sandusky and the institution that failed for so long to dismiss him.


I do not disagree that Paterno could have done more, and if he could not have done more, the school should have him strongly consider retirement.  What I don’t understand is what that has to do with all the wins he accumulated as head coach.  It’s not like having a pedophile as an assistant coach gave Paterno an unfair advantage of some kind.

What happened at Penn State a few years back was morally reprehensible.  But to take away from Paterno’s win total was never the correct solution.  It would be similar to me robbing some bank, getting caught doing so, and the judge taking away a TV set I had before I robbed the bank.  It made no sense.


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