No One Likes A Snitch


I was in the first grade at Anona Elementary, which would either make the year 1977 or 1978.

I’m playing a game in Phys Ed class, and the game doesn’t go my way, so I thought I would mutter on my way out much like my favorite cartoon of that time frame, Muttley, the pet of the anti-hero Dastardly.

A black kid thinks that when I mutter, I’m using a dirty word…the one that rhymes with mother trucker.  Didn’t bother him that I never heard that particular profanity until HE used it.

He goes to the PE teacher with it, and guess who loses the battle?  Yours truly.  I’m told by the teacher to “go stand out” which means I am to excuse myself from further play and await discipline.

My parents weren’t particularly happy I used that word either, but let’s not get the fiction in the way of the facts.

Nope, I’m not confessing to using those words 36 years later, just that I never said the words placed in my mouth by that snitch.  That kid has probably grown up nicely…and cheats on his taxes.

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