My Take On Deflategate

Like many of you this week, I’m keeping up on the whole Deflategate fiasco. Just what the NFL needs: another scandal of high magnitude.

I had thought for the past couple of days that both teams use the same allotment of 24 NFL footballs during the course of a game.  (I remember that number from childhood, reading about it in the 1980 Monday Night Football paperback book.) But it turns out that both teams use a pool of 12 different NFL balls, some for kicking and some for regular scrimmage plays.

The reports the past couple of days is that 11 of the 12 NFL footballs used by the Patriots were deflated, and as mentioned by ex-NFL quarterback Brad Johnson and present Panthers kicker Graham Gano, this is not a totally unheard of practice.

Do I think the Patriots will be disqualified from the Super Bowl?  No frigging way. I think New England probably pays a steep fine (steeper than the $500,000 paid for the Spygate scandal, if not equal) and they probably lose their first draft choice, maybe a second one too.  Maybe suspend Bill Belichick a year as well, as both incidents happened on his watch.

But I think the Super Bowl goes on as planned with the two anointed teams.


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