Athletic Pornography

Most NFL players don't need a reason to party.

Most NFL players don’t need a reason to party.

With the exception of MLB’s All-Star game, I often think of all-star games as athletic pornography, a phrase I once heard wrestling announcer Gordon Solie (who would be 86 today, I’d later discover) use to describe the WWF in its “attitude era” of the 1990’s. Must like how porn is a bastardized version of movie making (not that there’s anything wrong with that), all-star games are a bastardized version of sports. Look at all that talent, never mind that the games are a glorified exhibition.

Look at the NHL all-star game last night in Columbus. 17-12?!? You can watch a Stanley Cup playoff series in the spring go the full seven games and you won’t see 29 goals in the whole series. This game alone had 29 goals.

The Pro Bowl has always been one of those events I either don’t watch or watch with the sound down. It’s a meaningless game that someone can only get hurt playing in. Imagine getting a career ending injury in a Pro Bowl? That would boggle the mind, and probably make the afflicted player suicidal.

If the Pro Bowl ever went away, I don’t think I’d miss it. The only thing good about it is it gets us closer to the Super Bowl.

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