A Large Dinosaur

The National Football League is a dinosaur.  There, I said it.

It may never get as better as it was Sunday evening, with the Seahawks one yard away from back-to-back NFL titles, which would have been the eighth such occurrence in the Super Bowl Era. We all know what happened after that, with the Patriots, Bill Belichick, and Tom Brady now anointed onto the NFL holy grail.

But I also see a ship beginning to sink that is the NFL. As Keith Olbermann points out in the above clip, is it usually tradition for the commissioner of the league (in this case Roger Goodell) to be interviewed by the anchor of the pregame show of the network hosting the Super Bowl on TV, which this year was Bob Costas. Goodell declined to be interviewed, something that escaped my notice because I don’t usually tune in to the pregame show for a football game until about 15-20 before the game’s scheduled start time. I didn’t turn NBC on Sunday until 5:40 or so, Eastern time.

Think about that. A network that pays 640 some-odd million dollars to air NFL games got snubbed by a commissioner who makes $44,000,000 a year.

The owners of the NFL need to think about ditching this guy, for their own sake, if not the future of the league. All the talk about concussions will drive America’s parents to decide their children are better off in other sports, like soccer, baseball, and basketball. The league will survive next year, the year after that, and the few years following, but what about 10-20 years from now? Will there still be an NFL? A Super Bowl? Will the game be as big as it once was back in 2015 when NBC aired it and broke the record for the largest audience of all time?

On the path they are on, I doubt it. They seem more interested in the here and the now then their futures. They pillage the present and bleaken the future.


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