Dickered Around By Duke Energy

Yep, it was one of those months...

Needed Captain Picard’s help on the morning of January 2nd…or Mulder and Scully from the X-Files.

I’m telling this tale on a one-month delay, hoping no one from Duke Energy reads this and plays games with the power once more.  Read on, you’ll get this by the end.

It was something out of science fiction at the homestead here in the wee hours of January 2nd. The power kept going on and off every 15 seconds or so in certain rooms of the house, but not all of the house. Duke Energy, our power company, had been doing work in the backyard a little bit at a time over the past several weeks going back to Thanksgiving.

Surely this is a bad dream of mine I thought, and got some more rest. When I woke up, the power in the rooms in question kept blinking on and off…no dream. I gave the Dukies a call, and they set something up temporarily until they got a more permanent fix.

A couple of weeks later on a Tuesday evening, it’s happening again. This time, the rooms that were affected the first go around were fine, but the rooms that were fine the first time are losing power. Another call to Duke, another temporary setup, another permanent setup the following week.

The odd thing about it was it was only happening here in this house, and not anyone else’s.

Hopefully, in about another week, I’m not having similiar problems of another kind.


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