Anchorman With A Bad Memory

NBC Anchor Brian Williams...

NBC Anchor Brian Williams…

I imagine most of you have heard by now about Brian Williams trying to pass himself off as a hero last week, saying he was in Iraq when a plane he was on took RPG (rocket propelled grenade) fire.

One slight problem: he was NOT on such a craft.

I remember watching NBC groom this guy to Tom Brokaw’s throne back in the 1990’s and the first half of the 2000’s. They made him into this marketable entertainment entity with appearances on Saturday Night Live and Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show. His daughter is doing well on stage and screen and has a bright future ahead of her.

I worked for a news organization when I briefly worked at WHNZ in St. Pete when it went to an all-news during the day format in the mid-90’s, so I think I know a little something about the biz. The news doesn’t get the ratings it used to back in the pre-cable days, less so now that cable is so abundant with hundreds of channels to choose from. It is massaged and kneaded into a presentation that will capture the sponsors that can sell the most of the public’s dollars in various products.

The question is: does NBC fire him?

Another question is: how do they NOT fire him?


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