Avert Your Eyes, Young Man!


One night in the early 1980’s, either HBO or Showtime was airing this cheezy prison movie called “Nightmare in Badham County” which was released back in 1976.  Robert Reed (Mike Brady of “The Brady Bunch”) was the biggest name in the flick but had a small role in the film.

Deep into the movie, there was a scene where one of the female prison guards offers one of the inmates fried chicken, and in exchange the guard wants to jump the inmate’s bones. The inmate is reluctant, but the guard seemed an experienced hand in seducing her own gender.

I’m watching this movie with my parents and my mother freaks out a bit when the clothing goes flying and the skin is abundant.

“P.J., don’t…watch…THIS!”, she tells me.

I’m totally dumbfounded by the scene, which is pretty advanced viewing for a boy of nine years of age or so.  A woman getting naked, then another woman getting naked?  I had never seen a female on female scene in a movie to that point in my life obviously, and I had no idea what a lesbian was at that point in my life.

Pretty advanced concepts for a child, but once the genie is out of the bottle, what can you do?


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