The One Space Two Space Two Step

Some of you might notice formatting errors here and there on the blog.  For instance, you might see a sentence begin one space to the right of where it normally should be.

In the three years plus I’ve been doing this blog, it’s something I’ve been wrestling with.  I’ve been taught that you use one space after a comma and two after the completion of a sentence.  I have experimented with one space after sentences, but being a bit of a grammar nerd, it just didn’t look right.

And that’s what I do.  Sometimes when I do this, it translates into fractured formatting, but it’s easier for me to do it this way.

I do use a product on Google Chrome called Grammarly that helps me with spelling and grammatical errors.  For example, I am sometimes too dependent on using commas when I type.  When I use the free version of Grammarly, it alerts me to use commas more appropriately.  Doesn’t hurt that it’s a better spell checker than browsers provide, either.

I just wanted to mention this.  Yes, I know the errors are there, but not everything in life is perfection.


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