Here There Be Scammers

Had a couple of phone scammers call me this afternoon.

I pick up one call from a Massachusetts number.

“This is Windows, OK?”

Being a former telemarketer, I eat this kind of a call for lunch and a snack.

“Not OK.  I’m not having any Windows problems, so obviously this call is some sort of fraud.”

I confused the person on the other end of the phone, who quickly hung up.

Then I got another call from someone automated pretending to be live.  They do that sort of thing now and then, attempting to confuse our elderly.  Me, I’m not so confused.

These people claim to be calling for Breast Cancer Awareness.  How in the name of Susan G. Komen they got my number, I have no idea.  But they wanted donations, and when they got to that point, I had an out.

“Your phone line is breaking up, sorry.”  Well, it was.  You’d think a legitimate company would have a better phone line, right?

If what I’m getting is any indications, the scammers are going to have a busy month.  Come and get it folks, I’m ready for all of you.  You can’t scam me!



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