A New Gig And A Secret Weapon


I don’t talk about my work a lot on this blog, and I apologize for that.  My work history in the past is a lot more glamorous than it is these days, having worked in syndicated radio mostly from 1989 to 1996, and sometimes I feel like one of those child actors who stopped getting gigs after they got older.

I also have relatives who, for the lack of a better word, spy on me thru the Internet. You might think it’s because they care about me, and that could be reasoned as a logical explanation.  Trust me, that’s not the case.  They use it as a way to put me down behind my back.  I know this because I overheard it once years ago, and I kept my mouth shut about it ever since.  That’s really why I don’t talk a lot about work: my Internet presence has ears.

This week, I did get some good news: I’ve been accepted by Textbroker to do some copy writing (for the lack of a better term) for them.  Pay won’t be all that great to start off with, so I’ve decided to get a secret weapon if you will.

I ordered a Dragon Naturally Speaking program from Amazon.  I’ve used Dragon before in my work before, but the kicker is I found a bundle that comes with a pretty good headset.  That way, I can dictate at a faster speed than I can type and increase productivity.

If you’re worried about me, don’t be.  Life is getting a little brighter for me now.  Hope it can keep up, because I have plans.


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