The Couch Of Recognition

It’s been nearly two months since I have taken Harry in.

Harry has this one unusual habit. Sometimes, he will sit on top of the couch, waiting for me to play with him. When I attempt to play with them, he attempts to bite me. In a sense, it’s like he’s playing with me. That is unless you’re bitten by him.

I knew coming in that he was a bit of a biting cat, but I took him in any way. In the five years I took care of them during the summer time, he had a tendency to take a nip out of me every once in a while. Most of the time, it seems his way of telling me he could get me anytime he wanted to. I really didn’t think he meant anything by it, it was just his way of showing off.

Personally, I would take a cat over a dog any day. I find cats to be much more intelligent, and I enjoy earning their trust. Dogs just love you for who you are, blindly.


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