Stacks And Stacks Of Golden Wax

I discovered this air-check over the weekend from 1967.

The station is WALT, 1110 on the radio dial here in the Tampa Bay.  Back in the day, it was a Top-40 station that only aired in the daytime.  Nowadays, it’s WTIS, an all Christian talk outlet that airs Dave Ramsey and Herman Cain, which still only airs in the daytime (to protect others who use the 1110 frequency, like WBT out of Charlotte) not too far from where I live in northeast St. Petersburg.

For those of you not in radio, an air-check is a tape that a DJ would record and then edit, usually to mail out to another station in another market in the hopes of getting better work in the business.  Someone at WALT in the Tampa Bay area might mail this tape to, for example, WFUN in Miami in hopes of getting better employment or hours there.

I enjoyed listening to it.  This was back when radio had an audience that would listen, because the area only had six TV stations back then. Now, if you don’t like what you hear or see, you can get a YouTube video or a podcast going.


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