The FM Radio Dial in Tampa, 1970

Last week, I had an aircheck from WALT radio from 1967.

This week, I have this find.  Someone with an outdoor antenna in the Tampa Bay area in 1970 caught every station on the FM dial back then.  Mind you, the FM dial was a lot less populated back then as compared to now, so you’ll only hear a few Tampa FM stations.  There’s a WTAN-FM on 95.7, for instance.  Q-105 was a few years away from existence, with WPKM occupying the 104.7 FM frequency.

In fact, the poster left a list of all of the stations caught on the FM receiver back then.  Must have been a good setup, as there are stations from all over Florida on the list, plus three other states: Georgia, Alabama, and Louisiana.

Here’s the list:

 89.7 WUSF Tampa, FL
  91.3 WTHS Miami, FL
  91.5 WFSU Tallahassee, FL
  92.3 WDBO Orlando, FL
  92.5 WPAP Panama City, FL
  92.7 WCCF Punta Gorda, FL
  92.9 WGOV Valdosta, GA
  93.3 WFLA Tampa, FL
  93.7 WMOP Ocala, FL
  94.1 WVFM Lakeland, FL
  94.5 WNDB Daytona Beach, FL
  94.9 WLCY Tampa-St. Pete, FL
  95.1 WJAX Jacksonville, FL
  95.5 WTVY Dothan, AL
  95.7 WTAN Clearwater, FL
  95.7 WBYU New Orleans, LA
  96.1 WKTZ Jacksonville, FL
  96.3 WMYQ Miami, FL
  96.5 WHOO Orlando, FL
  96.9 WINK Ft. Myers, FL
  96.9 WRLJ Jacksonville, FL
  97.3 WIOD Miami, FL
  97.9 WQXM Clearwater, FL
  97.9 WMUM Palm Beach, FL
  98.5 WGNE Panama City, FL
  98.5 WWOM New Orleans, LA
  99.1 WQIK Jacksonville, FL
  99.3 WEZY Cocoa, FL
  99.5 WQYK St. Petersburg, FL
100.3 WKIS Orlando, FL
100.7 WDAE Tampa, FL
101.1 WCKS Cocoa Beach, FL
101.5 WGNB St. Petersburg, FL
101.5 WLYF Miami, FL
101.9 WMFJ Daytona Beach, FL
102.3 WTRS Dunnellon, FL
102.7 WRBD Pompano Beach, FL
102.9 WIVY Jacksonville, FL
103.1 WLOQ Winter Park, FL
103.3 WBRD Bradenton, FL
103.5 WSRF Ft. Lauderdale, FL
103.7 WRUF Gainesville, FL
104.1 WGLF Tallahassee, FL
104.7 WPKM Tampa, FL
105.1 WWQS Orlando, FL
105.3 WVSL Slidell, LA
105.5 WGUL New Port Richey, FL
105.5 WGVL Gainesville, FL
105.9 WOOO DeLand, FL
105.9 WAXY Ft. Lauderdale, FL
106.3 WSPB Sarasota, FL
106.7 WLBE Leesburg, FL
106.7 WFTL Ft. Lauderdale, FL
107.3 WWBA St. Petersburg, FL
107.7 WORJ Mount Dora, FL


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