Butt Boils And Boots Gone Bad

It hasn’t been one of my best weeks.

It began with a battle I seem to have once every couple of years: with a boil I get near by derriere.  In 1988 when I was a junior at Largo High School, I missed a week and a half of school because of a pilonidal cyst.  Went to Sun Coast Hospital to have the cyst removed, kept me there a day to keep the wound well dressed, and then I had to stay home an additional week before I could go to school again.  Plus I had to take sitz baths with my butt deep in this hot medicated water that’s placed on top of an empty toilet seat.

Now, for the third time in five years, I have a boil in this area.  It began the size of a pebble, now it’s about a fourth the size of a cherry, comfortable enough to sit on without too much pain.  I’ve always been someone who slept on my back, now I can’t stop sleeping on my side due to the boil.  It is almost gone, though I’m still waiting for the moment it pops like a weasel or reduces in swelling down to nothing.

Friday night, I thought there was a hole in the universe that I alone had discovered.  The Tampa Bay Rays were scoring runs left and right against the Miami Marlins, which was odd enough.  Then I turn my computer on, and the thing WON’T BOOT to save it’s life.  I wait, I wait, I wait some more, then I turn the computer off.  Turning it back on again, it still won’t boot.

Now, yours truly was prepared for this emergency, as I had a spare computer on hand that’s almost an exact duplicate of the fallen soldier.  I turn it on, make a boot disk, and make recovery discs, but the fallen CPU isn’t responding.  Stick a fork in it, it’s done.

I’m on the spare computer, but now it won’t talk to the printer I have had since 2008, so now I have to get a new printer which I’ll do next week.  But such is life, sometime you are the fly, and sometimes you are the windshield.


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