The Antisocial Computer

Earlier this week, the spare computer I’m now on and the printer I had weren’t on speaking terms.  I spent most of the past three days thinking of anything or everything that could be wrong, even getting a new wireless printer that doesn’t need a USB cord to talk to the computer.

In such instances, Google is my friend.  I type in the problems, and Google finds me the answers.

I try re-installing every driver I have Monday night.  When I powered up Tuesday and tried to load the printing software and drivers, nothing happens of consequence.  The printer and computer are NOT getting along.

It was now time for desperate measures, so I did a factory reset of the computer.  That did the job.  If it didn’t, I’d really be in trouble.  The bad news was, I didn’t have to get a new printer after all, as something corrupted the registry of the spare computer.  Only a factory reset could get it right, and that’s what I did.

My old printer, which I have had since 2008, now sits in my closet, in case something goes wrong with the newfangled one.  When it comes to computers I am very much a pack rat, because you know whether or not you need that spare lying around.


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