What’s In A Name

I often get asked (with my last name of Blom) whether or not I’m Jewish.  I don’t take offense to the question, but the answer to it is no.

I’m at least three-quarters Irish.  My mother’s family is entirely Irish, and I’m at least half-Irish and half-Dane on my father’s side. My mother’s grandfather owned a Bronx bar called McGinn’s Tavern in the Woodlawn section of the borough for many years, which has since been renamed.

There’s a legend in my family about an incident that took place there one night, though I’m not sure what year it occurred.  These two young women were having drinks at the Tavern one night, but one of my grandfather’s employees was suspicious about the ladies being of legal drinking age.  When he approached the women to ask for ID, the women didn’t grab their purses and flash the necessary documentation.

They instead hiked up their tops and flashed something else: their breasts.  How the story ends, I have no clue.


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