The Windows 10 Blues

I had mentioned back on April 15th that I’m now on a spare computer that I’ve kept around for a couple of years, with the one I had been using turning on and then refusing to boot one Friday night.  It’s almost an exact duplicate of the HP computer I was previously on, except it has a speed of 1.3 GHZ (as opposed to the 1.9 the old one had) and it has 250 GB of hard drive space as opposed to the 500 GB I previous had.  I have an external hard drive, so space is not that big a deal for me.

Chrome, for some reason, runs real SLOW on this computer.  Don’t know why that is.  Went back to Firefox for the time being for the most part.

In trying to figure out why the new computer wasn’t going so fast, I discovered the builds for Windows 10, which proved to be a big mistake.  When I figured out that it could give computers problems, it was too late to get out of getting it for me.  Don’t get me wrong, the upgrade looks spiffy and all that, but the problem is that the computer is rather pushy about giving you the newest builds.  You could be in the middle of something else and Windows alerts you that its ready to give you its latest adjustments, and how knows when the computer will be yours again.

To that point, on my computer these builds take forever to load up.  The latest one I put on here started at 5pm Sunday, and didn’t finish up until 6am or so the next morning!  Then I run CCleaner and Advanced System Care just to get things running as fast as possible, and with so much to adjust, that tends to take another hour.

The moral of the story: wait for Windows 10 to fully come out before you take the plunge.  It may save you a lot of time.


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  1. I use Linux but I am a total geek like that. Some folks don’t have that option but Microsoft is going to have to learn how to scale their products to the users hardware to make it run better.


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