Battle Of The Browsers

Well, I found a browser I can finally say I am happy with: Internet Explorer 11.

Try as I might, I couldn’t get Google Chrome to play YouTube videos without it turning into an unintentional rap song with the stuttering.  Firefox also presently works a tad subpar on Windows 10 with the vids, plus I have to hit reload on occasions when FF won’t load a webpage after a spell.  With IE11, I don’t have those problems.

IE11, you’re hired!

I haven’t used IE since I got re-interested in computers in 2008 after a year absence.  Project Spartan looks like something that can revolutionize web browsing, or at least kick start its stagnation.  But with a serious lack of add-ons and some more tinkering ahead likely, I can’t consider it for everyday use just yet.

Meanwhile, I’m still figuring out Windows 10’s kinks and making progress.


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