Mad Men

A few years ago, I thought The Sopranos may have been the best TV show I have ever seen.

Then I got hooked on Breaking Bad.  Now, I’m watching Mad Men wind down.

It’s funny how the “heroes” you see on television these days are actually anti-heroic.  Tony Soprano, Walter White, Don Draper, even to a lesser degree Peggy Olson can sprout fangs.

It’s their anti-heroism and their flaws that make these characters (and remember people, that’s all they are: characters) so addicting to watch, I think.

The finale of Mad Men should be a good one, although I think they cancelled it a little too soon.  Would have liked to have seen the show make it until at least 1975 or so.  Roger Sterling doing the disco would have probably been a hoot to watch.

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