Finding The Culprit

To update my Windows 10 problems and travails…

I found the culprit as to why it (Windows 10) was running so wonky.  It was the Avast Anti-virus program.  I removed that, and everything started to run as normal.  I use other programs (like the Obit Malware Fighter, Advanced System Care, and Windows Defender) as substitutes, and they run without making the computer slow or wonky.  I don’t do my banking online (I do it on ATMs or the IPhone), and I stay away from shady looking websites.  Those two things ALONE will keep your computer safe to a greater degree.

For some reason, the various anti-virus software makers out there aren’t Windows 10 compatible yet.  More of a reason to avoid the “builds” and wait for it to be completely ready later this year if you can do so.  I wasn’t so lucky, and made a foolhardy decision, and hopefully I can avoid further trouble in the next few months.

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