The Last Of Letterman

“What you can’t do is throw coffee.”

David Letterman did his last late night show on CBS last night after over three decades on CBS and NBC before that. Anyone remember that Letterman had a daytime talk show on the Peacock Network?

My first memories of Letterman revolve around Andy Kaufman and his many gimmicks, one of which was wrestling women on stage. He took said gimmick to Memphis, Tennessee and “ran” (which I use in quotes because we’d find out many years later it was all scripted) into a wrestler named Jerry Lawler. The two appeared on Letterman’s NBC show, and Lawler wound up slapping Kaufman. Again, some thought it was unscripted, and those thinking that way were duped big time.

Anyway, Kaufman goes on a huge rant, with audio censors earning their pay bleeping out all the cursing the comedian was doing, calling Lawler something rhyming with a trucking mass hole.  Andy then throws coffee at Jerry before the much larger pro wrestler chased him away with a few strides in his direction.

Afterwards, Letterman gets off one of the funniest lines he’s ever had:

“I think you can use some of those words on TV.  But what you can’t do is throw coffee.  I’ve said it over and over again.”

Farewell, Dave.  You’ve earned your retirement, and best wishes for your future.


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