Remember Those Who Served Everyday

I’m not the most conservative man in the world, nor am I the most liberal. But as I get older, it dawns on me that people my age or younger don’t seem to respect history as much as the older (or as Tom Brokaw would say, the greater) generations.

Memorial Day just passed as I type this, the 25th such holiday since my father passed in early 1991. It will be the first of many 25th’s without my dad around over the course of the next year.

When he was 18, he served in the Army in a ski patrol unit in Colorado. While we won the second World War (otherwise, I’d be speaking to you in German or Japanese now if I had existed), our country didn’t fare well in snowy conditions. Thus the formation of this particular part of the service as an effort to make the country more able to be more mobile in future wars.  He was also photographed for Life magazine while he served, though I’ve never seen the particular photo in question. If anyone has a collection of those mags laying around during the post WW2 40’s, I’d love to see if I could find it. Fortunately, he never served in battle as he was still not of age when WW2 drew to a close.

My dad always loved watching skiing when it was on TV, particularly the tour events or Olympic events ABC used to have. One day when I was a kid I asked him about why he liked skiing, and he told me about his Army service. A kid from Florida like me had a hard time wrapping my head around something like that.

It is a good thing that we remember those who served on Memorial Day and the weekend that surrounds it. I just think they should be remembered more, and given better wisdom by their governmental leaders.


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