As I Was Saying…


I thought about taking a few months off because I had said some things about a former friend that were likely weren’t true, and that she had found out about it.

Then today I had the overwhelming thought: “Are you nuts? Get back on that horse!”

It’s not like people were beating down my door, telling me what a shithead I had been. I had done what many people on blogs do all the time: I got carried away about something I should have kept my mouth shut about.

I apologize to you all, including my former friend, although I think she will stay a former friend. Her story is not bulletproof, and I seem to be much happier not having to deal with that than I am dealing with it, so I think I keep this friendship in the “off” position if it remains my call.

For those of you I haven’t driven away, thanks for sticking around. I’m determined to make this blog bigger and better.

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