Meat Market

If you’re a parent of a teenage girl, I totally recommend you watch the Netflix documentary, Hot Girls Wanted, or at least the segment above off of a recent episode of ABC’s Nightline. I saw the film recently, and it was an eye opener for me.

Before you go assuming I’m some kind of pervert, this documentary is about how the amateur pornography genre has become exploitative and feasts on the naivete of young women who have just graduated high school or are just turning 18. They wind up doing porn, sometimes involving themselves in this new realm called “abuse porn” that is most distasteful leaving girls slapped in the face several times and forced to vomit by gagging on a male sex organ or a facsimile thereof. They also likely wind up having unprotected sex, which can be dangerous for the ladies even if there’s no climax inside of them (recalling my high school health classes), as the documentary points out at one juncture.

A few months later, maybe a year at best, they get spit out of the industry as they seek that next young woman who can be exploited. The thousands of dollars made in that time frame gets reduced to just a small percentage once greedy agents get their cut, expenses are paid, and clothes gone through in an effort to keeping the fledgling porn star fresh in her appearance and looks get reinvented.

The kicker is, at present, this kind of exploitation is totally legal provided the young lady is 18, which is all that is required by present law. According to the movie, all the girls have to do is answer an ad in Craig’s List, and if she has normal looks and size, they’re ripe for the picking.

I’m not going to lie and say I’ve never seen porn, but this is pretty blatant, perhaps a sign of how decadent or society has become.


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