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Hillary Clinton: the next President?

Hillary Clinton: the next President?

I was reading on Matt Drudge yesterday that the scoop from the yearly Bilderburg Group conference in Austria that begins tomorrow is that Hillary Clinton will be the next United States president, and that you can mark it down.

Well, whatever.

A lot of people in the conspiracy realm think that the Bilderburg Group is one of those places where a select few political leaders and captains of industry go to meet and steer the events that transpire around the world, kind of like the Stonecutters in The Simpsons, probably with a lot less nudity.

If such a decision has been made, I don’t think the powers that be are taking into consideration the “dynasty fatigue” of making the last five presidents Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama-Clinton. If the two major candidates are Bush vs. Clinton in 2016, I think it would make a lot of voters look at third-party candidates. If the two major parties do indeed work in cahoots with each other while competing with each other, a Bush-Clinton 2016 election would be the last thing such powers that be would want.

Just my take…


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