The Mystery Of History

Action from the 2015 Stanley Cup...

Action from the 2015 Stanley Cup…

I had a friend ask me yesterday (after watching the Tampa Bay Lightning lose to the Chicago Blackhawks 2-1 in the fifth game of the Stanley Cup, where the Lightning seem to beat themselves more than anything else) if I thought sporting events could be fixed.

I said yes. Pretty sure I’ve talked about this at least once in the 700-plus blog entries I’ve done on here. What the heck, sometimes a rehash is good for the soul.

There are rules against players and teams taking dives in sporting contests, hence the “Black Sox” scandal after the 1919 World Series, and hence the “concern” over Pete Rose’s bets when he managed the Cincinnati Reds which history has proven to be unfounded. What people fail to keep in mind that if the NBA, through its officials, wants a series to go a full seven games so a big market team can at least get full playoff revenue, there’s no laws at present that can prevent it.

But to call everything in life a conspiracy is a slippery slope. Some things aren’t conspiracies, for one thing. Plus, the best conspiracies out there are the ones the public has no idea that they are as such.

Plus, if you think something is a conspiracy, the conspirator is under no absolute obligation to tell you such, unless they are under oath…maybe.


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