There Go The Hawks

They played five one-goal games, but tonight wasn’t one of them. Chicago won 2-0 in the sixth game of the Stanley Cup tonight, giving them the championship in their home arena for the first time since 1938.

Tampa Bay won the Stanley Cup in 2004, and now Chicago has won three titles in five calendar years. Both teams will come out better for the result, Chicago as a dynasty, Tampa Bay as a rising power.


For those who say Tampa Bay has no business in the NHL, let me point out this: Amelie Arena outdrew Tropicana Field and a Rays-Nationals game tonight, even though the Stanley Cup game was in CHICAGO. You can’t tell me that Tampa Bay doesn’t love their Lightning, win or lose.

In a little over three months, a new season begins. Then it will be time to write another chapter, and we’ll be a chapter closer to the Lightning winning a Stanley Cup again.

Congratulations to Chicago, and a heck of a try by Tampa Bay. No regrets.


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