I woke up a few minutes ago and, as I often do, I grabbed my IPhone to figure out what happened last night that I missed, and one item left me cold. There was a mass shooting at a church in Charleston, South Carolina that killed at least nine people, according to the latest press reports as I write this. The shooter was a white male in his early 20’s, and needless to say, the authorities are looking for him.

By the way, why is it (for the most part, as there have been exceptions) that these mass shootings are done by white men? Just curious. I’m a white man in my 40’s, and I never have had the desire to kill anyone. Are these people on drugs or something?

I watched CNN for five minutes, then I turned it off. No amount of breaking news coverage brings these people who lost their lives BACK. While the people in that area probably should keep watch of news events with a shooter on the loose, I’d much rather spend that time reflecting.

Why? Why does this keep happening every so often, in schools, movie theaters, and now a church? Does someone or some group want us to be scared to go anywhere? Why should we be afraid to live our daily lives, and who wants us to be afraid?


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