Rebels And Crackers


In wake of that terrible shooting in Charleston last week, there’s now a political movement afoot to remove the Confederate flag used during the Civil War in the south from as much of our history as can humanly be done. States want the flags removed from their government buildings, and even the “General Lee” car from “The Dukes of Hazzard” has come under fire.

We may actually see college teams part with “Rebels” or other southern references before we see the Washington NFL franchise part with their “Redskins” nickname they’ve used since the 1930’s. A couple of weeks ago, no one thought that possible.

I’ve lived in Florida most of my nearly 44 years on the planet, but my parents were each from New York City, so I don’t consider myself a “cracker” or a southerner despite being a Floridian. I equate being a “cracker” to living in the deep south: Georgia, the Carolinas, Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi, and so on.

I’ve also lived in Georgia and North Carolina and have run into some of the most “uppity” people of all colors who think their poop doesn’t stink. Sad, really.

Deny it as we are currently attempting to try, Confederate history is American history. We must stand up and tell our children that slavery was wrong, racism is wrong, and that most Confederate ideals were wrong. History isn’t meant to be buried in the sand when it is inconvenient for us, but to ALWAYS be learned from.


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